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    Do I Have to Treat With My Employer’s Panel Physicians During The First 90 Days After My Injury?

    Workplace injuries happen all the time. Injured workers not just struggle with the mental and physical strain of the injuries but also with the monetary distress these injuries ensue. On top of that, contesting a workers’ compensation case could be a lot. That’s why you need a trusted workers’ compensation lawyer to help you share the burden and guide you through the process.

    What if the Employer assigns a Panel Physician for a Workplace injury?

    If you have been injured at work in PA, the first step is to seek the medical attention required. Your physical wellbeing is the most important thing in case of workplace incident. Sometimes, your employer will post a list of panel doctors preferred by the organization after an injury is reported. Here’s the question we encountered frequently in a workers’ compensation case:

    Do I Have to Treat with the Panel Physicians During the First 90 Days After My Injury?

    The answer is: It depends.

    PA Workers Compensation
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    Generally, if your employer has posted a list of at least 6 doctors at your place of employment in a conspicuous location, and if you received and signed a form notifying you of the procedures for treating after a work comp claim, then you should treat with one of the physicians listed. However, if that list is not posted, you do not have to treat with a panel doctor.

    You and your doctor should be on the same page. If not, here’s what you can do.

    There are some other technicalities which may enable you to circumvent the panel docs altogether.

    Want to avoid the Panel Physician Assigned by the Employer? Call Cardamone!

    Feel free to call Michael Cardamone – one of the best workers’ compensation attorney in PA – if you have any questions regarding panel physicians in your case. Remember, each case is unique. Don’t simply listen to the insurance company adjustor or claims rep- consult with an experienced Pennsylvania workers’ comp lawyer who is on your side to discuss PA workers’ comp settlement.

    Visit the Cardamone Law website at: https://www.myphillyworkerscomp.com/ or contact Michael directly via the phone at (215) 206-9068 or email: michael@cardamonelaw.com

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