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    Cardamone Law Sponsors North Penn High School Baseball Team – Go Knights!

    The baseball season is in full swing in Lansdale, PA, and Cardamone Law is proud to be a part of the cheering squad for the North Penn Knights. As one of its official sponsors, we cannot wait to see what the team does and how soundly we beat the competition.

    If the season opener is any indicator, we are off to a great start. 13-7 is a win that we’ll take every day. But not going to lie, some more thorough wins wouldn’t hurt either.

    Image Source: Twitter/@NPKnights

    As a workers’ compensation lawyer, Michael Cardamone usually goes for more comprehensive wins to ensure his clients are truly taken care of. This is the fighting spirit that we see in North Penn Knights too, and championing their cause becomes a no-brainer.

    As you join us for the next game, don’t forget to look for our sign in left field in the beautiful facility of North Penn High School.

    Cardamone Law – A Proud Pillar of Community

    Businesses often support community events, it’s nothing much, just a way to give back to the community that supports its local enterprises.

    But for Cardamone Law, a boutique firm dedicated to PA workers’ compensation cases, the chance to connect in so many ways to our community is something we cherish.

    The kids we are supporting through this sponsorship represent the countless families that our firm has provided services to over the years. Husbands, wives, parents, adults, and individuals who got injured, ill, or died during their course of employment. Through these sponsorships, we get to know our community better and feel more passionate as we enter into courtrooms or meeting rooms to fight for their rights.

    While we have been a constant support of community athletes, this year you can also spot us sponsoring the International Spring Festival, taking place on April 23rd, at North Penn High. We’ll be there in full force, celebrating the diversity of our community with our families and friends.

    Why Cardamone Law?

    There are so many firms out there offering worker’ compensation services – firms much larger and more established than Cardamone Law. So why should we choose us?

    It’s simple:

    • We are not a law firm dealing in workers’ compensation too – for us, it’s ALL we do.
    • Your case files won’t be transferred to rookie attorneys, Michael Cardamone will be handling your case from start to finish, with dedicated focus.
    • We understand the value an expedited positive result. Therefore, we try to settle our cases – winning millions for our clients. But if your employer and their insurance carrier wants to go to court, we’ll oblige with a resounding victory there, too.

    Workers’ compensation cases can be long and arduous. Having a proficient work comp attorney can make all the difference.

    So, call us today at (215) 206-9068 for a free, no-obligation consultation for your workers comp case.

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