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    Cardamone Law Defeats Area Hospital in Workers’ Compensation Case

    After a year of litigation before a Work Comp Judge in Malvern, PA, our firm secured a victory for our client- a hardworking nurse who is an immigrant, who injured her shoulder and foot at work. She continued to work with restrictions but the Employer/Insurer claimed she was “fully recovered” after seeing their handpicked IME doctor. We fought back and also filed a Petition to Review, seeking refinement of the work-related diagnoses. We prevailed on both petitions. The WCJ found our client credible, and our medical experts more credible than the IME doctor. The Decision from the Judge was well reasoned and about 13 pages long- reviewing the evidence, the law, and the findings. The WCJ selected our Objective Summary of the Evidence and incorporated it into the Decision.

    Workers Compensation Case
    Image Source: unsplash/Brandon Holmes

    We are a tenacious firm with Attorneys Cardamone and Silver analyzing every case together- over 65 years of Pennsylvania Work Comp experience. We don’t hand our files off to a new attorney for every hearing. We’re small but well leveraged financially, so we can compete with any firm in any case. In fact, our opponent was a member of a 100 attorney law firm. It doesn’t matter who we go up against- we fear no one and win the vast majority of our cases.

    Call us any time for a free review of your Work Comp case- it’s all we do!

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