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  • Cardamone Law- The Official
    Partner of the American Worker

    Cardamone Law- The Official
    Partner of the American Worker

    Cardamone Law Adds Attorney Paul Silver to the Firm!

    Your favorite workers’ compensation law firm – Cardamone Law – is expanding and growing. Thanks to the mounting trust our community keeps putting in us, we are becoming ever stronger to defend you and your people in case of any injury suffered at work.

    To bolster our ranks, Paul Silver, a veteran PA workers’ compensation attorney has joined our team. Silver comes with more than 40 years of Work Comp experience and is a heavy hitter. Much like Michael Cardamone, he believes in settling cases to ensure expedited relief to the clients, but he isn’t afraid to go to litigation.

    Together, Cardamone and Silver bring over 65 years of combined experience in Pennsylvania work comp litigation to our boutique work comp firm.

    A Brief Resume Of Paul Silver:

    Attorney Paul Silver has served as the Chief of the Legal Division of Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

    Paul M Silver

    He knows the ins and outs of how workers’ compensation works in the State of Pennsylvania. He is aware of how the certain areas of the law are less directives and more guidelines, which some employers and their insurers/lawyers try to interpret with ill intent.

    As the former Deputy Chief Counsel for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, he brings a thorough knowledge of the system from both ends of the table. This comprehensive knowledge has already benefitted us immensely in our negotiations and case building.

    Attorney Paul Silver is also a gifted speaker and a published author.

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    If you are a loved one has suffered a workplace injury or illness, the smartest thing to do is call your lawyer immediately. If you don’t have a lawyer, give us a call so we can discuss the details of your case with zero fees and no obligation to hire us.

    suffered a workplace injury

    Though workers’ compensation cases are supposed to be straightforward, any disagreements can arise any time, leaving you exposed and vulnerable. The mere fact that your employer and their insurance provider will come with the full might of their highly-paid lawyers means that you should not go into any negotiations with them without lawyering up first.

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