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    Can My Employer Cancel My Health Insurance After A Work Injury?

    Yes in most cases, but if COBRA applies to your employer, they must offer you that right- where you pay the premiums for continued insurance for a period of time. Here is a link to COBRA for your convenience.

    But many injured workers lose their health insurance after a work injury.  This is one of the most devastating effects of a work injury in Pennsylvania (and I’m quite certain many other states). Losing health insurance on top of the stress from the injury, the unpaid medical bills by workers comp, the late indemnity checks, being out of a job, can be brutal. It is quite evident to me that we need a health care system that doesn’t tie health insurance to employment.

    Some employers will keep paying for an injured worker’s health insurance with the hope that the employee will return to work once they are healed. Or, sometimes it continues merely because the human resources people have forgotten about the issue.

    If you need ideas for what to do if you lose your health insurance after a work injury in Pennsylvania, call a top Pennsylvania Work Injury Lawyer- Michael W. Cardamone- for prompt advice. All consults are free. 7 days a week. 215-206-9068 or Michael@cardamonelaw.com

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