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    Best Philadelphia Workers Comp Lawyers

    Who are the Best Philadelphia Workers Comp Lawyers? We’re biased, but we believe it’s Cardamone Law. Why? Here’s Why:

    -Attorneys Cardamone and Silver limit their practice to Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation. That’s quite rare. Most “Work Comp” law firms also handle Social Security Disability and/or Personal Injury cases, or Long or Short Term Disability matters. Look at their websites and then look at ours. Work Comp Is All We Do.

    Best Philadelphia Workers Comp Lawyers
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    -Moreover, Attorneys Cardamone and Silver have over 60 years combined experience and review each case together. We don’t hand off your file to a rookie who is trying to learn the ropes. We all need to start somewhere and we respect rookies, but we won’t give you one on your case! At many of the large workers’ comp firms, your file will be handled by a different lawyer at each hearing or event (deposition, mediation, etc). Not with Cardamone Law!

    -Also, we are financially leveraged to compete with any defense firm, and we routinely defeat the state’s largest employers.

    -At Cardamone Law, we have a high winning percentage. We know how to position a case for success and while we can never guarantee any results, we will tell you what percentage chance we think we have of winning your case. And the numbers are usually quite high.

    -We are known to be aggressive with getting every penny possible in a case. Other firms may leave money on the table and accept the first or second offer. We fight tooth and nail until we have every penny for our clients.

    -We are accessible- Attorneys Cardamone and Silver even text with their clients. We make sure we update our clients and return calls and emails. We aren’t perfect. We’ll miss one here or there. But in general, we’re very responsive and our clients love this.

    -There aren’t layers of “teams” to get through like a big firm may have. You call us and speak to our Office Manager or the lawyers. That’s it.

    -Finally, Attorneys Cardamone and Silver are leaders in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law. Attorney Cardamone is Co-Chair of the Montgomery County Bar Association Workers’ Compensation Section, is on the radio on the Ask the Experts Show every month speaking about Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law, and has garnered dozens of awards including Top 25 Work Comp Lawyer in Pennsylvania by The National Trial Lawyers. Similarly, Attorney Silver is a heavy hitter, having served as Chief of the Legal Division of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and as Deputy Chief Counsel for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. His experience working for insurance companies for years helps our clients- as we know how they operate and can base our strategies from his experience on the other side.

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