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  • Cardamone Law- The Official
    Partner of the American Worker

    Cardamone Law- The Official
    Partner of the American Worker

    Looking for the Best Rated Work Comp Law Firm In Philadelphia, PA? Call Expertise.com Top Rated Cardamone Law!

    Cardamone Law is the firm of choice for local PA workers who get injured or ill during their course of employment. Recently, the popular rating firm Expertise.com has listed us in their ranking for the best Work Comp Law Firm in all of PA. We’re in Top 5.

    Top Rated Cardamone Law
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    Not going to lie, it feels great to be recognized. Especially because it allows us to reach and connect with more workers who get injured on the job and do not have access to proper legal representation. The lack of competent work comp representation raises all sorts of issues for injured workers and their families. Lost wages, inflated medical bills, uncertainty about future work, and lots more.

    If you or someone you know has been ill or injured at work and require expert legal help, here is why you should consider Cardamone Law to work for you.

    1. We Understand Workers Compensation

    We have been in the trenches for several years and know what workers’ compensation is all about: protection.

    At their core, worker compensation laws are systems of protection.

    Hire The Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Pennsylvania

    They protect both employer and employees. To the employer they give a cover against any litigation in case of workplace injury or death. To the employees, these systems come in action and provide them with monetary compensation for lost wages, medical costs, disability benefits and more.

    We Understand Workers Compensation
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    In case of occupational fatalities, the dependents of the worker get the death benefits.

    But these protective systems do not always work – at least not in the favor of workers. Employers, their attorneys, and insurance companies often try to downplay the injuries or illnesses that a worker sustains during their course of work. For fear of consequences such as being fired from the job, many injured employees choose not to file any workers comp claims in the first place.

    When that happens, the experience, dedication, and grit of Cardamone Law comes to save and protect your interests. Our professional workers’ compensation lawyers in Pennsylvania work 24/7, with a focused mind, and a fighting spirit.

    2. All We Do Is Workers’ Compensation Law

    Nobody does workers’ compensation better than us. That’s because workers’ comp is all we do. Unlike many legal firms that offer myriad of services, we are focused and dedicated to workers’ comp. This has helped us achieve a level of expertise that not many law firms can claim. We know the PA Workers’ Comp Act inside out. We know the workers’ comp court system and how it works. And we don’t shy away from a fight.

    All We Do Is Workers’ Compensation Law
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    What many attorneys at law firms do is hand over their cases to interns and junior assistants. Several of them never even see the file till the court date arrives. At Cardamone Law, attorney Michael Cardamone works on every case himself. He is aware of every detail and knows the cases intimately so when it comes to fighting for your workers’ rights and interests, we are always better prepared and at a much higher leverage than the opposing counsel. Always.

    So, if you are looking for work comp legal assistance on the basis of expertise, experience, and the highest quality of advocacy, Cardamone Law is the standard.

    3. We Are Great Negotiators

    The most important thing to understand here is that workers’ compensation laws are designed to keep everyone away from suing each other. Therefore, when it comes to occupational injury, illness, or death, almost no one is looking to go to trial.

    We Are Great Negotiators
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    Trials can be lengthy, messy, and the verdicts always uncertain. Nor employers or employees want that kind of stress. Hence, things usually come down to who is better at the negotiation table. Over the years, attorney Michael Cardamone has successfully negotiated for his clients millions of dollars in lump sum and otherwise settlements. As a certified specialist of workers’ comp law, Michael Cardamone brings to the table over 22 years of courtroom experience, an excellent standing in the legal and local community, and the confidence of a multiple award winning attorney.

    Think of this professional brilliance coupled with a deeply compassionate sensitivity and unrivaled negotiation skills all coming together to root and fight for you and get you the settlements that you deserve.

    So, call us today at (215) 206-9068 for a no-obligation, no-cost, free consultation with the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Montgomery County, PA.

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