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    Cardamone Law- The Official
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    Amazon Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

    If you’ve been injured working for Amazon, call our firm right away (215) 206-9068. Injured workers who lawyer up the fastest, tend to have much better results. Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania is very contentious and you want a Certified Specialist in Work Comp Law on your team. We’ve helped many Amazon workers with their Workers’ Compensation cases. Many Amazon workers suffer from repetitive work injuries to their hands/arms/neck from repetitive motions, either packing, unpacking, sorting, or lifting items. While Amazon may have good benefits, when you’re injured at work there, many claims are denied and you have to fight for your fair compensation. Our firm is quite unique because all we do is Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation cases. We don’t spread ourselves thin with personal injury or criminal defense and social security disbility. 100% Pennsylvania Work Comp! We’ve won almost every conceivable award available to Pennsylvania Work Comp Lawyer and our lawyers teach other lawyers about PA Work Comp Law!

    Give Notice of Your Injury to Amazon

    As an injured worker at Amazon, the key is to give notice of your work-related injury to your supervisor/manager as soon as possible. You won’t have a wage loss claim until you give notice. The law requires notice within 120 days or a claim is forever barred. But the sooner the better as the longer you wait, the more likely Amazon will deny your claim. They may get skeptical about where you got injured if you don’t report the injury right away. Written notice is not required by law- it can be done verbally. However, writen notice will be stronger and less likely to be challenged in court before the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Judge. Amazon has many workers at its facilities. Work injuries are quite common. Don’t be intimidated to pursue your case. It could mean your earning power is on the line and you want legal representation so that you have a high probability of being successful and getting the wage loss and medical benefits you deserve. Employers are often more worried about their profits than worker safety. But, remember, the injury doesn’t have to be the Employer’s fault to get benefits. If you’re injured in the course and scope of your employment, you are covered! There are only a few exceptions to this. So essentially, we have a no fault system- even if the injury was your fault, you can pursue Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation.

    Here are types of injuries you may sustain at Amazon:

    -Forklift accident
    -Lifting heavy items
    -Repetitive work injury from repetitive motion/trauma
    -Trip and Fall
    -Climbing a ladder and falling
    -Assault from co-worker

    There are many types of injuries that occur at Amazon. We’re here to help. As noted above, the key is giving prompt notice, then we’ll focus on getting the best medical care for your injuries. Sometimes, we’ll need to file a Petition and litigate before a Work Comp Judge. Some of the cases result in a lump sum workers’ compensation settlement. Remember each case is unique. We know how to best position a case against Amazon to maximize your benefits. For a free consult 7 days a week, call our Amazon Work Comp Lawyers at (215) 206-9068 or email Michael@Cardamonelaw.com

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