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    Questions To Ask Your Work Comp Attorney Before Filing A Claim Under The Act 534 or Pennsylvania Heart and Lung Act

    The Pennsylvania Heart and Lung Act offers relief to injured workers employed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and offers full salary compensation in case of an injury/accident at work. It applies to a number of state and local workers, including but not limited to, park guards, police officers, firefighters, investigators, correction officers, enforcement officers, and more. Unlike the PA workers’ compensation act, PA Heart and Lung Act grants full compensation and continuation of employee benefit post the injury.

    Pennsylvania Heart and Lung Act

    It is designed to help public safety workers get respite after an accident and focus on mental and physical health instead of worrying about the financial complications post the incident.

    However, dealing with the claim while injured could be more complicated than it sounds. That is where a workers’ compensation attorney who specializes in a Pennsylvania Heart and Lung claims could help.

    Be Prepared When You Hire A Work Comp Attorney For A PA Heart and Lung Act Claim

    PA Heart and Lung Act Claim
    Image Source: pexels/Olya Kobruseva

    Following are some of the questions you should ask your work comp attorney might ask if you want to file a claim under the Pennsylvania Heart and Lung Act or Act 534. Make sure the PA workers’ compensation attorney or Pennsylvania heart and lung act lawyer you hire is experienced with heart and lung cases.

    • When should you apply for disability retirement?
    • How to calculate the Heart and Lung benefits under the PA act?
    • Does the Heart and Lung Act consider public holidays or vacations?
    • Do part-time employees of commonwealth qualify for heart and lung benefits?
    • What is included in the heart and lung disability compensation?
    • How the wage is calculated if I am on heart and lung benefits?
    • How to report the work injury?
    • What kind of medical records I need to claim the Pennsylvania Heart and Lung benefits?
    • Can I be terminated from Act 534 if my condition is permanent?
    • How is Pennsylvania workers’ compensation act and Act 534/Heart and Lung different?
    • When can I get my accrued personal, sick, and vacation time paid?
    • Can I lose my work comp case but win my Act 534 or Heart and Lung case?

    Got more questions? Read PA Workers’ Compensation FAQs!

    Michael Cardamone – The Professional Heart and Lung Act Lawyer in Pennsylvania!

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    When you need an Act 534 lawyer or a Heart and Lung Act lawyer, call Pennsylvania Attorney Michael W. Cardamone to protect your rights. Michael is one of the few Pennsylvania Lawyers who has a grasp of both Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law and Act 534/Heart and Lung law. The two usually run parallel but they have different sets of rules.

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