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    10 Secrets About Your Pennsylvania Workmans Comp Case

    1) Use a lawyer! Your odds at a fair settlement, or winning your case, will increase dramatically.

    2) Your employer will likely try to fire you after you report your work injury so be careful and follow all their rules- within reason. If you are fired, you can still pursue work comp benefits, depending on exactly what occurred.

    3) Think about any prior, similar injuries you may have suffered because giving a truthful history to the doctors, lawyers, and judges is very important.

    4) When you receive a letter in the mail from your employer or work comp insurer, call your lawyer right away to discuss what it means.

    5) If your panel doctor (the company doctor in the first 90 days after injury) releases you to full duty work, call your lawyer right away- this is critical.

    6) If your workmans comp check is late, you can do something about it.

    7) Even if you had a prior, similar injury, you can pursue work comp benefits if your work activities aggravated the prior condition.

    8) You can receive social security disability benefits and workmans comp benefits at the same time up to a limit.

    9) You do not always have to resign from your position if you settle your PA workmans comp case- but it is quite common for the employer to require this.

    10) Make sure you inform your lawyer about all doctors who have treated you so he or she can obtain all relevant records. If you leave someone out, the doctor’s testimony could be called into question if he or she did not review all the relevant records.

    For an analysis of your PA Workmans Comp case, call Michael W. Cardamone at 215-206-9068 for guidance. Or email Michael@cardamonelaw.com


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