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    Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Lawyer Michael Cardamone Of Cardamone Law Wins Supersedeas Decision For Injured Worker In Monroe County, PA

    Cardamone’s client faced a Suspension of her benefits based on a Petition filed by her employer/insurer. However, Cardamone successfully argued to the Workers’ Compensation Judge at the initial hearing that the allegations in the Petition were vague and not conducive to any meaningful reply. The Work Comp Judge agreed, directing the employer/ insurer to set forth more specific allegations, denying their request to immediately shut down the wage loss checks.

    Consequently, Cardamone’s client will continue to receive her checks as the litigation proceeds on the merits.

    For more information about Pennsylvania Work Comp Supersedeas or general information about Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law, call or email Attorney Cardamone 7 days a week. (215) 206-9068 or Michael@CardamoneLaw.com

    With four convenient offices in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, and 100% of its practice devoted to injured workers, Cardamone Law is becoming an easy choice for many injured workers in Pennsylvania- and in other states when the cases are handled under the Pennsylvania Work Comp Law.

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